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Valentine Gift Inspiration

February 14th, a day you either love or despise. Most people are passionate about this particular day on one end of the spectrum or the other. There are very few people hanging out in the neutral gray zone when it comes to their feelings about Valentine's Day.

So for those lovers of February 14th or for people who love people who love Valentine's Day ( say THAT ten times fast) I have put together a couple gift basket ideas to help you out. I went outside the box this year and stepped away from the typical flowers and chocolates (well sort of).

Radiant Skin


Restful Sleep


Quality Sleep

Product Information

  • Enhanced Stress Relief (Pills - in office)

  • Renew Roll On (Full Spectrum Hemp - in office)

  • TriMag Supreme Night (Powder - in office)

  • Dream Fx Chocolate (in office)

  • Relax Roll On (Full Spectrum Hemp - in office)

  • Apigenin (Pills - in office)

Allergy Relief

Product Information

  • Viracid (Pills - in office)

  • D-Hist Jr. (Pills - in office)

  • Defend Roll On (Full Spectrum Hemp - in office)

  • HistaEze (Pills - in office)

  • Defend Fx Chocolate (in office)

  • Sinatrol (Pills - in office)

  • Immune Active (Pills - in office)

Book Lovers


Additional Ideas

  • Massage Gift Card or Appointment

  • Adjustment or Massage Package (they do not expire)

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