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Sleep (tips for better habits)

Do you struggle with sleep?

Is it because you can’t fall asleep or because you can’t stay asleep? Those are two very different issues.

Did you know aside from pharmaceuticals or run of the mill melatonin there are homeopathic (alternative/natural) methods you can try to help you get better quality and quantities of sleep?

Here at G2 Chiropractic we have a variation of different options you can try before reaching for your pill bottles. One of the main reasons we try these methods is that when a person supplements LONG TERM with melatonin the body starts to produce lower levels of natural melatonin. If used in lower doses or shorter periods, the body will not become dependent on the supplementation of melatonin to trick it into its circadian rhythm cycle (sleep/wake cycle).

Q Sciences Sleep Spray

Contains a low dosage of melatonin so it should be used on the harder days to fall asleep but not necessarily nightly.

This spray contains both melatonin and 5-HTP (turns into serotonin in your body) as well as a blend of herbs that are meant to aid in the relaxation of the body and mind.

Q Sciences Slumber Terpenes

Terpenes are plant extracts, meaning this product is a mixture of different herbs to help aid in sleep without giving the body straight melatonin.

This specific blend contains the following herbs to aid in stress relief, promotion of rest and relaxation and support of more RESTFUL sleep.

~ Magnolia Bark – acts as a slight sedative

~ Passionflower – can reduce anxiety and stress (NOT to be used during pregnancy as it can cause uterine contractions)

~ Chamomile – mild sedative that causes relaxation of the gut, decreases inflammation, and increases wound healing.

Blue light blocking glasses – prescription and non-prescription

Blue light blocking glasses are designed to protect our eyes from the harsh lights of our phones and computers. These harsh lights keep the brain on high alert.

Dark screen mode or avoiding screen use

Avoiding screen use at a minimum of 30 minutes before bed can aid in allowing the brain to naturally unwind.

Dark screen mode which most phones or tablets now have which turn the harsh lights on your screen into a more grey or black background which will allow you to continue use of your phone and allow your brain to settle a little better.


There are acupuncture many points designed to help aid in the release of tension, anxiety, stress. Some of these points can be pressed on before bed to help aid in rest and relaxation as well.


Massage and acupuncture are very similar in that there are certain areas in the body that a practitioner can focus on to help aid you in the release of tension, anxiety, stress.

Magnesium glycinate

This form of magnesium is easily absorbed, and it may help reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia.


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