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These hands are made for massaging

There are two variations of massage at G2 Chiropractic: Deep Relief and Therapeutic Relaxation. All massages offered in office are 90 minute sessions.

Image by Toa Heftiba
Sports massage on leg

This session incorporates Deep Tissue, trigger point release therapy & Chiropractic Sports Massage designed to treat pain, improve stiffness & break up scar tissue that builds from chronic pain and injury.  This session may also incorporate the application of Hot Stone massage or Cupping techniques to achieve the desired results.  

Relaxing Massage

This session is designed for clients who don't like deep pressure but still want relief from tension and pain.  The Therapist applies Swedish, relaxation, Hot Stone & gentle yet effective trigger point release techniques to encourage client's bodies to "drop their guard", facilitating the release of tension and relief of pain, without the intensity of other techniques

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